Video Card Purpose:


A.  To expose people to why buying Gold & Silver is an important strategy to hedge against the falling purchasing power of the dollar.
B.  Introduce 7K Metals as a trustworthy place to purchase precious metals – At Cost – by acquiring a 7K Metals membership
C.  Introduce the income opportunity generated by referring others to acquire a 7K Metals membership
D.   Introduce specialty coins and their value to collectors
E.  Encourage people to further educate themselves about the economic signs and impact of the falling dollar as a fiat currency.









How To Use It:

A.  Call ahead or at an opportune moment: “Hi ___________ , This may not be for you but I've got something I'd like you to look at. If I leave it with you will you check it out and tell me what you think?”

1.  If they ask what is it: Briefly explain it is a video card message about the falling value of money and what they can do to protect themselves?

2.  Arrange for a time to pick it back up

B.   Follow up. Ask: “What was your favorite part?” Their answer will let you know why a 7K Metals membership may be interesting to them. Use a flip chart or power point to further expose them to Help them get what they want.
C.  3 way call or Zoom / Skype with your upline assisting you by answering questions and endorsing 7K Metals.
D.  Ask them who they know who would benefit from hearing this message? You might offer to let them pass this card on to someone else.