Video Card

Pass it Forward Strategy


As you enroll people using the video card, you might offer to let them use the card to introduce others.  As they pass the video card on to others they don’t need to know a lot about the company to offer the card to the new prospect.  They can just ask them to push the ‘play’ button.  After the video card has been viewed by the prospect, they can be asked “what was their favorite part’?  


To give assistance, answering questions, 3 way calling or video conferencing between yourself, your personal enrollee, and their new prospect will further educate the prospective member to the advantages of owning precious metals and the benefits of a membership with 7K Metals.  


We can work as a team empowering new enrollees with an easy to duplicate strategy of introducing 7K Metals while they are still learning more details about the company.  


That same video card can then be passed forward to the newly enrolled prospect who can introduce 7k Metals to their prospect list.  We then duplicate the introduction and support from the upline.  More video cards being made available to the team will allow more introductions to be made in a shorter time.


It is like a stone skipping across the pond.  The same video card can make multiple impressions as it comes in contact with others.  The rippling effect from each impression may possibly affect a large area of the pond.  The video cards themselves will not enroll people with memberships but they do make an impression and with thoughtful follow-up they can result in people making an intelligent decision to take advantage of a 7K Metals membership.  It is a valuable tool to be used as part of a process.