Who We Are


7kMetals is a way of purchasing or investing in precious metals (Gold & Silver), at prices below what most other distributors can offer. Watch the intro video to the right, and call us or Email us if you have any questions. Phone: 307-887-1275, Email: KayCox54@GMail.com

Little Pines Computers

We provide:

New and used computers, servers, laptops.

Infrastructure, networked devices, cabling.

Web sites, on-line applications, software development.

Business IT consulting and management.

Desert Toad Expeditions and Consulting

The purpose of DTE Consulting and Desert Toad Expeditions is to help each client do the extraordinary by providing a comprehensive set of resources, real world experience, and atmosphere of trust and encouragement.

Home Biz Books

Home Biz Books I was exposed to the Network Marketing industry and the minimal investment it took to get started, but I had zero experience in the successful operation of a home based business.

After trial and error I discovered from seasoned networkers, to build a strong organization, a series of daily, weekly and monthly activities/commitments would need to be incorporated into my business action plan.

We have many years of experience; our coaches/mentors will consistently be available for live webinars, phone consultations and personal appearances for hands on training of your organization.

Disaster Cleanup
of Wyoming

Disaster Cleanup of Wyoming comes when you are in need after a flood, fire, or other disaster. We clean up the mess, bring your property back to its original beauty, and deal with your insurance company. We take care of everything. Call us or Email us if you have any questions.
Phone: 307-887-1275
Email: KayCox54@GMail.com